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Our name says it all...but in case you're not familiar with what "Three Dog" means, read on!
As legend goes, in Alaska, depending on the cold, some sledders have their dogs sleep next to them for extra warmth. A "Three Dog Night" could mean it was really, really cold.
Another legend describe's an Australian bushman's expression which describes a cold night in terms of the number of drover's dogs he needed to gather to himself for warmth when camping out under the stars on long sheep or cattle drives. A One Dog Night was cold... a Two Dog Night was very cold... and a Three Dog Night was freezing.

It makes no difference whether you live in a one, two or three-dog climate; Three Dog Down has the perfect comforter to keep you cozy in the winter months and just plain comfortable the rest of the year.

1-800-DOG-DOWN (364-3696 for the alphabetically impaired) P.O. Box 1 • Polson, Montana 59860