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We like to add a personal touch to let you know we’re real and love to have fun!
  "It was another good year of seeing old friends and meeting new ones that came to Three Dog Down. Ed and Linda from Louisiana survived Katrina and came to visit - my good friends it was so good to find you safe and well. The gal that left her t-shirt in trade was quite fun. To all: Please know that we will continue to provide the best quality products at the best price, we will never compromise your satisfaction and thanks for almost 18 years of fun!”

-Bronco Bob

It was a great year for youngest now 11. He once again was in the top of his class in school, made honor choir, and did well in sports....we had too much fun this year on our trip to see Grandma in Arizona, and on our Oregon trip. Some of his favorite things are playing on his computer, visiting Grandma, and Aunt Micki, and having sleep-overs. Ian, I am proud of you and love you.
  Molly was elected vice president of her school this year. She did well in volleyball, and basketball and a first-she really excelled in cross country. Wow did she run! She’s the lady of our house, and is now 13 going on 29. She was at the top of her class, and I am so proud of my only daughter. Molly, I love you.  
If you ever get to the Oregon coast, you've got to try these dune buggies. Talk about fun!
Robby did well in school, at the top and really excelled in football and wrestling this year. He is really starting to turn all of the girls’ heads at his school, but he plays it cool. He is a lot of help around the ranch and is turning into a wonderful young man - I love our adult conversations. I am so proud of you, my son. I love you.
The cold Oregon coast didn't stop these die-hard water bugs! (Guess growing up next to Flathead lake toughened these kids up!)

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