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a bridge and a bump north of Polson

At Three Dog Down we work hard to ensure that you are happy; we source the best products, with genuine value, for our customers. Our staff works diligently to answer your questions honestly and truthfully, keeping all of your information secure.

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WHY BUY DOWN? There is a reason why “downy” is an adjective used to illustrate fluffy, soft and weightless-ness. Genuine down is all of those things. But “soft” doesn’t even come close to a description of how our down comforters feel…like a cloud! Down bedding has the marvelous ability to breathe (passing air in and out of the cotton shell), lifting away perspiration from the person under it, so you don’t experience the ummm, “clamminess,” like you do under a synthetic fiber. After experiencing the "warmth without weight" of a good quality down comforter that was selected just for your favorite sleeping temperature, you'll never go back to that pile of blankets!

Three Dog Down in Polson Montana
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